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Tips for Travelling with Your Cat

Travelling with your cat does not have to be a disaster. Cats are rather good at travelling by car if they are well-conditioned to it in advance of long trips. Below are a few tips that will help to make travel much easier on you and your feline friend.

  • Plan Ahead: Make sure your cat will be welcome everywhere you plan to stop. Not all hotels and motels allow pets, so be sure to book ones that do.
  • Update your Cat's Shots: You don't want to expose your cat to any more risks than necessary, so make sure his shots are current before travelling. Be sure to bring a health certificate and proof of vaccination with you - you may need both when travelling through some areas.
  • Rehearse Travel at Home: Accustom your cat to its carrier by letting her sleep in it, then take her on increasingly longer drives well in advance of your trip. Make travel a fun occasion, with plenty of rewards. If your cat is still a bit anxious about travelling, pop into Petworld and ask about our anti-anxiety Serene-Um CatDrops, which will help calm your cat for the whole travel experience.
  • Equip Your Cat with Identification: Invest in a good harness with securely attached ID tags. These can be purchased in any Petworld store. Microchipping is also a good idea but secure ID tags will do just fine.
  • Use an Approved Pet Carrier: Cats should never be allowed to wander freely inside an automobile. Frightened cats invariably head straight for the foot pedals. Kitty will be much more comfortable in her own carrier, with a blanket and soft toy inside. Try a sturdy metal or plastic carrier with a solid bottom or if you plan to fly with kitty, one of the soft-sided carriers made for in-cabin use.
  • Bring the Necessities: For continuity in your cat's routine, bring a supply of his regular food and water. Pack separate dishes for food and water, a litter pan, litter and scooper, along with plenty of Poop Waste Bags. Don't forget toys and bedding. It would also be wise to purchase a harness and leash, which will allow you to take your cat outside the car to stretch its legs on stops.

By planning well in advance and covering all the bases mentioned above, you and your cat will be comfortable and, more importantly, will enjoy travelling together. Bon Voyage!

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