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How to Select the Perfect Bird Cage

Your bird's health and well-being are directly linked to the quality and cleanliness of her cage. With the myriad of cage styles, sizes, colours, and safety features, choosing the best cage for a specific bird and budget is often the most difficult decision a bird owner must make. But once you know the basics, choosing a cage need not be something to ruffle your feathers about, so here’s what you need to know!

Bird cages can be broken down into four basic styles:

Dometop cages
As the name implies, these cages boast an expanded, curved top section as opposed to the traditional box shape. The extra interior space is great for active birds who like to climb or fly. It is also an easy way to offer multiple birds a little more head room, without sacrificing more floor space in your house. 

Playtop cages
For active birds who spend large amounts of time outside their cage, these are an excellent choice. You can attach toys to the top of the cage, and the cage door can be kept open at all times. Try our Ferplast Bird Cage Piano 3 Open.

Classic cages
Similar to flight cages but more proportionate in size, there is a classic cage to suit almost any bird, often at a more affordable price. Petworld stocks many classical cages in different shapes, sizes and colours, including our Ferplast Bird Cage Rekord 2.

Whether you own an African Grey parrot, a cockatiel, or a pair of canaries, each of the above cage styles is available in a size suited to your particular bird. Cage size is the most important component of cage choice. Having a cage that is too small for your bird limits her ability to move about, stretch her wings, and play inside the cage.

Your bird's cage should be large enough for her to stand comfortably, move freely and spread her wings. The cage bars should be appropriately sized to prevent escape or injury but still encourage instinctive activities, such as climbing, flying, or play. It should also house appropriate toys, food, water bowls, perches and treat holders that benefit your bird's health and stimulate her instincts and intelligence.

Still not sure? Don’t hesitate to ask any member of Petworld staff or email us at orders@petworlddirect.ie for more information.

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