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How Bird Toys Benefit Your Bird

In a bird’s natural habitat, they are busy socialising with other birds, searching for food and grooming themselves. Birds that are left alone without any stimulating activity can develop behavioural problems, and these problems can be very detrimental for them and for their owners. Toys can alleviate a bird’s behavioural problems including biting, screaming and even feather plucking.

Types of Bird Toys:

Chew Toys: Birds have a natural tendency to want to chew, as this action keeps their beaks in great condition and relieves stress and anxiety. Without a toy to chew, birds can resort to feather-plucking and other unhealthy behaviours. To keep your bird healthy and entertained, provide chew toys, like cuttlebone and chew sticks.

Noisy Toys: Although you might not be the biggest fan of noise, your bird definitely can be! If your bird is talking and tweeting, it might be looking for some noises to answer it back. Any toy with a bell is a fantastic option. These include Brass Bells for parrots and any smaller bell from our Ferplast range.

Imitation Toys: Some birds feel more comfortable when they think they have company. If you don’t want to buy a second bird, an imitation toy is a great option. These are toys that make your bird feel like they have a friend in their cage. 

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