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Feeding Wild Birds

Wild birds need our help through the harsh cold winters. If you would like to bring your garden alive with wild, colourful and singing birds you can attract them to your garden by feeding them the foods they enjoy. By feeding less and more often the birds will get to know you as a regular visitor coming to the garden with their food.

Peanuts are the most popular food for attracting wild birds; be sure to use a high quality peanut. Mouldy peanuts can cause birds to become very ill, or even die. Ensure all peanuts are fed from a mesh feeder as large peanuts can be very dangerous for smaller birds. Try crushing peanuts for the smaller birds.Wild bird seed provides a great variety of nutrients for wild birds. During the colder months it is advisable to choose a seed packed with sunflower seeds. These have a high essential oil level which birds need for energy and warmth. Avoid bird seeds which contain a high wheat and corn content as this is hard for a bird to digest.

Birds love and need fat. It is a highly nutritious feed for birds and keeps them healthy and warm. Stock up on premium quality fat balls. These can be hung from tree branches.

During the icy weather try to keep water in a sheltered spot, even try lukewarm water instead, to prevent from freezing.

Keep your feeders and drinkers 5/6ft off the ground and in an open area. Cats will hide in over grown areas and pounce at anytime. Keep your feeder clean at all times as stale food can attract rats. Only put out enough food to feed the birds until evening.

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