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School Visit Program

At Petworld, we’re passionate about promoting responsible pet care and encouraging a culture of appreciation, sensitivity and respect for animals. To help achieve this, we’ve developed an education programme for primary school children. It is our hope that by introducing children to a variety of pets in a safe, fun and controlled environment, that they may overcome fears and be more aware of the joy of caring for a pet. This programme is free of charge and is in keeping with the Department of Education & Science guidelines for the S.E.S.E. curriculum.

There are two elements to our programme – a classroom visit and/or a store visit.

Classroom Visit (approx 1 hour per class group)
Our trained Petworld staff will visit the school and bring with them a range of different pets. The pets will be introduced to the children and information given about their habits, habitats and life cycles. The children will have an opportunity to handle the pets and to observe their movement and behaviour. Worksheets, quizzes and word-searches can be provided to reinforce learning.

In-Store Visit (approx 1-1.5 hours)
We are always happy to arrange a visit for a school/other groups to our Petworld stores. There, children will have an opportunity to see and learn about an even greater range of pets. This works well as an add-on to another activity or school tour.

Classroom Pets
We provide advice and support to teachers who are considering keeping a classroom pet. We provide information on the suitability and benefits of different pets for the classroom and offer step-by-step guides to looking after your pet.

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