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Pet Adoption Days

We believe every pet deserves a loving home for life.

With thousands of unwanted pets in shelters around Ireland, we recommend that anyone considering becoming a pet parent, looks into pet adoption. Adopting is often less expensive than buying a pet, and shelter pets will be spayed or neutured, as well as having all their necessary vaccinations.

To learn more about the benefits of pet adoption, both for pet owners and animals, why not come to one of our regular Pet Adoption days at Petworld? Held every 6-8 weeks, these days provide an opportunity for a local re-homing charity to come in to our store and talk to the public about their work, and hopefully also find a loving forever-home for a few pets.

What Else Can You Do to Help?

If you're not ready to adopt, but still want to get involved, there are other ways to help save a pet:

  • Come along to an Adoption Day and find out how you can volunteer at your local shelter.
  • Buy a few extra items – whether it’s food, treats or flea treatments -- with your purchase and drop them in our charity adoption bins. You’ll be helping a local shelter save on costs.

Saving Lives Through Adoption

Since Petworld first opened in Galway 1993, we have helped to re-home thousands of dogs and cats.

Animal Rescue Organisations

If you are involved with a pet re-homing homing charity and would like to organise an adoption day in one of our Petworld stores, please contact the local store manager and they will be happy to assist you. We do our best to rotate through various local charities.

Our next Pet Adoption Day will take place:
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